DePuy Syntheses iPhone App

These frames were mocked for an iPhone app that gave pharmaceutical sales reps and doctors a platform to dialogue about products and exchange information. Note this was never created into a real app.



Created a set of three CRM email templates for AFINITOR®, a pharmaceutical company. These emails elaborated on the brand and visually each told a story.


Living Hotel logo & website

For a short time my work had location freedom and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity by packing up my laptop and heading to a tiny town on the coast of Costa Rica for a month. Met great people and made new friends - one of them opening a beautiful modern hotel in the middle of town. The owner had a lot of heart and the vision was there. He asked me to create a logo and website so Living Hotel could share itself to the travelers of the world. Being in this environment you felt safe in this clean modern setting yet it was surrounded in the lush jungle of Costa Rica. That is what we aimed to capture. 

The symbol illustrates the "rancho", a covered area with a lounge right beside the pool. The bird: open air, freedom, wildlife of Costa Rica. Website can be viewed at

Home page with slideshow.

Home page with slideshow.

Left: description of rooms. Right: reservation form.

Left: description of rooms. Right: reservation form.

Left: list of local partnered businesses. Right: recreation of local map with the hotel on it.

Left: list of local partnered businesses. Right: recreation of local map with the hotel on it.

Island Sprouts ecommerce website

Island Sprouts is an organic childrens' clothing company with the mission to give back. With every item sold, a packet of seeds is donated to a community garden. The problem: how do we create a site that is so fruitful, fun, bubbly, child-like but still easy enough to navigate? We wanted an exciting site that was simple to use.


Below left: product onesies page. Right: Individual product page with secondary menu to sort products by category.


Island Sprouts introduced an affiliate program to allow other businesses to apply for partnership and feature a banner on their business website. The page on the right features all the community gardens the donated seeds would arrive to.


My responsibilities were creative development, design, project management, and collaboration with programmers. It was quite a process to launch! Please see the site at

Wicked Healthy recipe blog

Wicked Healthy is an expression coined by two brothers who are head chefs at Whole Foods in Austin. They are on a mission to get people to eat better with wit and sarcasm. The goal: get real about the foods people are eating and make it FUN. I personally took to the mission of these guys, especially when health and wellness can be so serious. This blog was designed to carry the essence of the "wicked smahrt" brand, to be edgy, real, masculine, but also lighthearted. Like them on facebook (I promise you'll laugh) or see their site



Similac® is a company which focuses on providing expert advice for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. This brand consistently refreshes itself by offering elaborate sweepstakes to a community of mothers. Below is a responsive design to the Here Comes Baby Sweepstakes website. Cheerful static and motion banners were also created as part of the system. Below are also some direct mail pieces I designed under the  Similac® brand. Agency: Wunderman


Widget for Home Depot

The Home Depot requested a widget on their shopping page that would allow consumers to find products according to location and availability. Agency: MRM Worldwide

HomeDepot copy.png

The Pancake Phenomenon

Betty Crocker requested a facebook page which imposed images of people on pancakes. I strategized an application that could accomplish that.